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Volume rates are off of the regular subscription price. Additional volume discount opportunities are available for schools ordering for more than 300 students. Please call 877-604-8017 for more information. Offer applies to orders of 10 or more. Orders for fewer than 10 subscriptions to TFK are $29.95 per subscription and do not include a subscription to TIME magazine, the Teacher's Guide, or free gifts. TFK Editions K-1 and 2 each publish four weekly issues, delivered once a month from October to May (28 issues in total), with breaks in service during common school closings. TFK Editions 3-4 and 5-6 are published and delivered weekly, from September to May (24 issues including 2 special double issues), with breaks in service during common school closings. All orders received after 8/1/17 will receive their first issue in 2-8 weeks from receipt of order and will be held to TFK's strict policies, which may result in the inability to obtain previous issues. All orders received after 11/21/17 will be entered at a rate of $3.36 (plus $0.20 shipping and handling. All orders received after 2/13/18 will be entered for the subsequent school year. All TFK subscriptions expire at the end of the school year. Offers are plus sales tax where applicable, unless exempt. All classroom premiums are subject to change. †The TIME subscription is included with your PAID order to TFK for 10 or morecopies. TIME publishes 8 double issues. Each counts as 2 of the 52 issues in an annual subscription. TIME may also publish occasional extra issues.

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